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September 28, 2003

Word on the Street

Went down with yuka to the 14th annual Word on the Street festival, which closes off Queen from University to Spadina. My favorite image is of the owner of 3rd Quadrant, sitting outside his store under Spider man. As usual, I find 'word' to be a frustration. Word on the street is to literacy what a midnight madness sale is to fashion. Pushing and shoving and crowds all lining up to buy buy buy! Yes, books. Better than land mines. But it is a consumerist romp, that doesn't endear me to the day. That said, I bought a book, and like 'word'. I bought Salam Pax's ""The Bagdad Blog."" Having read his blog all through the war, I figure I might as well buy it, and use it for teaching... and it is a fascinating archive. As for word, there are lots of interesting and strange booths peopled by folks I'll never see until next year. That's what makes it for me. I just wish all the people would go away..."

Posted by jason at September 28, 2003 02:17 PM