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October 16, 2003

Broadening the Blog I & II: Thoughts

Thoughts on the morning... sessions I attended... and presented at... Broadening the Blog I Alex Halavais, Thomas Burg, Cameron Marlow, Matthew Rothenberg I'm not giving a transcript of this presentation, but rather just the thoughts that I have on what I heard. If I misheard, my apologies. I came in late, as I was running around the hotel with ""macStumbler"" checking to see where the wireless network was active. Then I tracked down the apple rep, and found out that he'd not plugged the wireless in yet. Ack. Missed Alex and Thomas Cameron: interesting take away message for his presentation was the problematizing of the notion of blogsphere, and how it made him uncomfortable. Whereas blogdex has become one of the defacto arbiters of who/what is cool, the intention is not the intention. Matthew: Mining the data... me talking about you doesn't make us a community, if you're not aware of me. But metadata and linking and indexing. It is difficult to to let you know who your community is. Strangely enough, the notion of the Livejournal.com doesn't seem to make it on the horizion. Especially the marinel.org/jouel linkage mechanism for LJ. - Matthew noted that he too is getting blogSpam, which has been driving me crazy. That is the same as emailspam but where someone posts multiple comments to your blog, with links to viagra or porn sites. (gak: something borked on my computer and I lost some comments I'd typed on the questions.) Someone said: the maps and mapping of blogging are reductionist misrepresentations. Cameron (response) sees it as individual/individual. - Take away: how has the Internet changed under the influence of blogs, in light of the commodification of the net as a business tool (after 1994) in that the opening of opportunities afforded by blogs for community and communication has so quickly been 'polluted' by spam. Does this mean that every new affordance is infected by spam as soon as it leaves the womb? Broadening the Blog II (~45 participants) Well, I got through my paper, before the time was up... which is strange,since I've talked on a similar number of points in 30 minutes and Elizabeth Lane Lawley ""Cultural Capital Dominance in the Weblog Economy"" - Self-reflexive sociology of Bordieu and the cultural validation/reputation (class and power) and who controls these kinds of environments. She wants to apply Bordieu's model to the context of weblogs: field/habitus/cultural capital. I wish vera was here for this, as she's a big Bordieu fan. http://mommamusings.net Q: what is the cultural capital of the average blogger? - or what is the cultCap of the bloggers we are aware of or conduct inquiry on. Q: are not blogs self reflexive ex officio? Q: anyone studying trash blogs. Some of us want to be beyond the horizion Q: what about livejournal popularity contests of cheesecake photographs "

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