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November 25, 2003

Barry on NPR tonight.

In a late breaking development, I am doing to spend much of an hour being interviewed tonight on US National Public Radio (NPR). The show is called On Point. My time slot is 8-9PM EST, but the show may be shifted by your local station to another time slot. The starting point for the discussion is the new US legislation that permits a person to have the same cellphone and wired phone number. In essence, there is seamless communication (we hope), whichever phone is being used. I am going to talk about the social implications of this -- including my favorite concepts of ""networked individualism"", groups => networks, and ""glocalization"". And of course flog our _The Internet in Everyday Life_ book. The show is usually broadcast live, so it will be especially interesting to avoid flubs, etc. If you can't get NPR live, you can still listen if you want. Try either of: www.onpointradio.org or www.bur.org and look for the Listen Live link. On the first site, you may have to hit the Quick Links menu. If you do have a chance to listen, I'd appreciate some feedback. Barry"

Posted by jason at November 25, 2003 05:17 PM