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November 30, 2003

Tequila Vampire Matinee at the Theatre Passe Muraille

Ya, THAT was funny. Very funny. Go see it. My review: Tom Waits, without the deeper and terminal strangeness. That's Tequila Vampire Matinee. The songs are in Wait's TexMex-whorehouse meets Brechtian ""Black Rider"" if you know Waits' music. Of course Waits never had any vampires, though he did have silver bullets and plaid Renfield in Coppola's version. But since there's no chance in hell that you can spend a sunday afternoon with Tom, check out Tequila Vampire Matinee at the Theatre Passe Muraille, and dream on. It is sort of ""Black Rider"" meets Charlottetown festival. I'm no theatre person, as I've said, and I don't get the idea of workshopping performances or the idea of singing as if you're someday going to be in a broadway musical (or a Mervish production), but that's just me. But there was not a moment when I wasn't engaged, and that is the highest praise possible for an ADD afficcinado. Then we three went to Amados for pasta. And all was hell with the world."

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"Ok, what really happened"

Thursday - Updated the http://edublog.com server to OS X 10.3, in anticipation of moving all the services from the http://projectachieve.net sever over to the iMac. Only one machine to maintain and whatnot. Easy beans. I hope. Also had lunch with Megan Boler, a new OISE prof and friend of Jeremy's from VT. As a side comment while talking about other things, she mentioned that Donna Haraway was her supervisor. I freaked out quietly. Friday - As noted in the KMDI Diary about 30 of us went for a retreat to discuss the past and future of KMDI. It was much more dynamic and interesting than I thought it might be. Luckily KAT! was there. As was Brian Cantwell Smith, the new dean of FIS. He seems like a d00d I'd like to work for. Saturday - Started the morning by marking 40 really interesting bookmarks assignments recently done by the ECE folks at Ryerson. - But Saturday WAS fun. I met my sister Kelly, and her kids Duncan (aka Charley) and Siobhan, for coffee and mess (provided by Duncan). Kelly took Duncan off to the Eaton's Centre, and Siobhan and went west, shopping. For her birthday. Mostly we just walked in and out of stores on our way to the Japanese Paper Place. Which she wanted to see. I got a nice fountain pen. We did a turn through Garrison Creek park, then back along queen. I 'forced' Siobhan to buy some CDs she wanted, the sound track to Brazil, a NIN CD, and something else I know not what. - And before dinner, Yuka and I went to the video store so she could pester Normy the big orange cat. Today - Yuka and I are going to see Tequila Vampire Matinee at the Theatre Passe Muraille with Elizabeth Miller... of course we're going to the Sunday Matinee. Until then, I'm going to my office to fix the FTPd so that yuka can update her journal."

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November 29, 2003

"Oh, ya. I'm still... doing something..."

But what :)

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November 27, 2003

Server outages today...

I'm upgrading my server today, so access to the following domains will be hit and miss: jasonnolan.net edublog.com yukazine.com roomofbensown.net News Update Server update is successful. Let me know if you notice any problems."

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Vote Hoder

Hoder's running for parliment, in Iran. If you can vote for him, do it. Hoder's Mr. UofTWeblogs, and an all around nice guy.."

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Ohhh... noooooo....

I'm reading Jeremy's Blog and I see a somewhat less than royally stupid Quiz... at least HE got to be deleuze and guattari.
You are Jacques Lacan! Arguably the most important
psychoanalyst since Freud, you never wrote
anything down, and the only works of yours are
transcriptions of your lectures. You are
notoriously difficult to understand, but at
least you didn't talk about the penis as much
as other psychoanalysts. You died in 1981.

What 20th Century Theorist are you?
brought to you by Quizilla And if you're Foucault... it must mean you clicked on that S&M option, right?"

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November 26, 2003

Email issues at UofT

Just so you know, certain parts of the UofT email network is down. I don't know why, cause I didn't bother to read the email sent out to all system admins about it. But I can't send or receive email at the moment. Sweet."

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I was out at the Toronto Zoo today for the quarterly meeting of the Educational Advisory Committee... The big topic for me was the Pandas, but we were really there to talk about the Educational plan for the Zoo. I stayed on topic, mostly. There were some interesting discussions on Wifi which really perked me up. Joel, who is also my drive, had to stay for another meeting, so I spent some time visiting the Children's Zoo, which is under construction. Made it about 50m inside before I was forced to go and get a hardhat. I took lots of pictures, some of which I'll get up soon. It is really going to be great... for those with kids."

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November 25, 2003

Barry on NPR tonight.

In a late breaking development, I am doing to spend much of an hour being interviewed tonight on US National Public Radio (NPR). The show is called On Point. My time slot is 8-9PM EST, but the show may be shifted by your local station to another time slot. The starting point for the discussion is the new US legislation that permits a person to have the same cellphone and wired phone number. In essence, there is seamless communication (we hope), whichever phone is being used. I am going to talk about the social implications of this -- including my favorite concepts of ""networked individualism"", groups => networks, and ""glocalization"". And of course flog our _The Internet in Everyday Life_ book. The show is usually broadcast live, so it will be especially interesting to avoid flubs, etc. If you can't get NPR live, you can still listen if you want. Try either of: www.onpointradio.org or www.bur.org and look for the Listen Live link. On the first site, you may have to hit the Quick Links menu. If you do have a chance to listen, I'd appreciate some feedback. Barry"

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Tell Paul Martin NO to missile defense

http://www.paulmartintimes.ca/ is paul martin's new blog space, and he's got a poll asking about our participation in Bush's missile defense program. Why not fill out the poll? And save our country."

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November 24, 2003


something happened today. it happened a lot. but I was far to busy to notice, and then it was time to take a bath and go to bed. a lot happened today. but no one is quite sure what. just let's all hope that that much doesn't happen again soon."

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November 23, 2003

A quiet manic day...

Spent the day putting the finishing touches on a major project proposal that has to get sent off by courier before 7:30 pm tomorrow to the other ends of the globe. The nice thing is that it required a lot of walking around town today, in the nice weather and all that. After tomorrow, I seek a return to normalcy. You?"

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November 21, 2003

Thanks to James and the folks at

Thanks to James and the folks at iKIT, I have a digital version of my presentation at RCAT's The Significance of 'Communities of Scholars' in the Academic Environment: Blogging and Community of Scholars. It is an 'off the top of my head' presentation, so forgive my slight slipups and whatnot. Click below to see the whole hour... "

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November 19, 2003

Off to RCAT to speak on blogs and scholarly communities

I'm giving my talk on Blogging and the The Significance of 'Communities of Scholars' in the Academic Environment at RCAT in 30 minutes. Hope some of you can come by. Here are my notes: Community of Scholars if you can't."

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November 18, 2003

Dave Goulden Rulz

Dave Goulden, pictured above in his camping glory, sent me a package. Spontaneously sent me a package. A heavy package with IAIN BANK'S NEW BOOK IN IT! The book ""Raw Spirit: In Search of the Perfect Dram."" For no reason. He just thought it up and did it. All the way from England! Thanks Dave!!!"

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November 17, 2003


The KMDI Diary is up and available. I have a small, and slightly, inaccurate blurb in it. And the new KMDI site is so much nicer. You should take a look."

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The Significance of 'Communities of Scholars' in the Academic Environment

The Resource Centre for Academic Technology brings you two perspectives on the value of ""Communities of Scholars"" that use weblogging (blog) technology in today's academic environment. Please join us Wednesday, November 19th, 1-4 pm, Room 4049, 4th floor, Robarts Library. Refreshments will be served. For a richer description of this event or to register go to: http://www.utoronto.ca/cat/whatson/blogging.html *** Journaling Communities for Scholars By Jason Nolan 1 - 2:15 This presentation will look at two of the major weblogging tools that dominate the market: Livejournal and MoveableType. Each tool as a particular role to play in academic writing. Moveable Type works best as research tool for sustained reflection, while Livejournal is suited for very large groups of students and classes. By January 2004, livejournal.utoronto.ca should be available for limited use with the opportunity of providing all members of the university community with their own journals. **** Digital Citizenship and Communities of Scholars By Robert Luke 2:30 - 3:30 Cultivating communities of practice and learning networks that foster civic engagement and ensure open access is a key step in ensuring that ""digital citizenship"" is founded upon fundamental rights of participation and engagement for the public good. When communities of practice are fostered and created around the use of new technologies, digital divides can be ameliorated, accommodated, and overcome. These communities are the Community Learning Networks, the Community Access Centres, the Open and Public Knowledge Initiatives, and the informal community based groups that share information and knowledge, support the acquisition of information and knowledge, and support and encourage community members to participate in the knowledge based society. In this presentation, Robert Luke will define ""digital citizenship"" and explore the relationship of digital citizenship to public research and communities of scholars. *** Registration: http://www.utoronto.ca/cat/whatson/blogging.html Questions or comments: contact Mia Joy Quint at 416-946-3558 or write to mia.quint@utoronto.ca. -- Mia Joy Quint Instructional Technology Training Liaison Resource Centre for Academic Technology University of Toronto (416) 946-3558 Please see the Academic Technology Newsletter: http://www.utoronto.ca/cat/newsletter/"

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Catspaw... International Hacktavista

Thank you Catsy! KAT! of the many iterations came into my Ryerson ECE921 course to talk about all things Code and Catspaw. I can't imagine anyone speaking better of the intersection between Early Child Education and Hacking."

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November 16, 2003

KAT! and the Deebster on the big screen...


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Hell and Back Bear...

The story of this bear is cool enough. Some bears go to hell and back."

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What's the Wallah Word

Alan send word that his partner Yuko's displaying some of her artwork at the International art event ""Design Festa"" & Harajuku's artists stomping ground Design Festa Gallery (very multilingual web site) in the ever fashionable artificial islands district of Tokyo. If you're in the neighbourhood, check it out. I wish I had some pictures of her stuff to show online. I'm sure it would be particularly interesting. Alan?"

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November 14, 2003

Two new web sites...

http://kmdi.utoronto.ca has been revised and http://osconf.kmdi.utoronto.ca is a great new site for our upcoming Open Source conference."

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November 13, 2003

Eaten missionary's family get apology

It is just a special day for news. A touching story about a tribe who have experienced 136 years of bad luck for eating a missionary."

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Rail Link to the Airport!!!`

Busy day today.... ""TORONTO A proposed train service between Pearson Airport and downtown, with trips every 15 minutes and a one-way fare of $20, takes a big step forward today when SNC-Lavalin is named to build the $200-million project, sources say."" Full Story"

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Audio Blogging

audblog is a service that provides bloggers with theability to post audio to their?blogs from any phone .Atthe end of the trial sign up we will provide you with the telephone number...allyou have to do is call the number and the world hears you. Use it to make a difference...Use it tomake your voice be heard."" Funny thing is that I've never had a cell phone. I guess I'm inverted."

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Computer viruses now 20 years old

From BBC News: This week computer viruses celebrate 20 years of causing trouble and strife to all types of computer users. More... Though I'd like to note that according to Zakon's Internet timeline, the first virus to shut down the internet happened in 1980... which is what I remember reading."

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November 12, 2003

Dad's Birthday...

Was with dad (on the left) and the crew at the Top of the Senator for his 67th birthday. I'm still recovering. Sisters (Kelly, Siobhan, Cats) and about 30 of his friends were there."

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Video Chat with Ken Emig

Ken and I are doing the technology shuffle... we were doing audio and video chatting, while doing a text only chat with his bro in NYC. Works well."

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The Royal...

Yuka and I were at the Royal Winter Fair yesterday. You can see why."

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November 11, 2003

"Visiting the Osborne, and Yelling at Students"

I barked at my Ryerson students today. Almost none of them did the readings. :( Sad. But I guess it is just my old sins coming back to haunt me. I really did plan for a nice discussion on Lisa Nakamura's book Cybertypes. Harumph. Before that, I took my Vic1 class to the amazingly wonderful Osborne collection of early children's books. Yuka works there, as you well know or know now. Head Librarian Leslie McGrath gave the students an excellent lecture on the resources at the collection, how and why original source materials are to be used, and just gave a great general introduction to the collection and researching literary resources. Tomorrow's class will be a duplicate of this one. Wednesday and Thursday will focus on LM Montgomery and Anne related issues. Vic1 is certainly going to be the highlight of my week."

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November 08, 2003

Reading... and the eyes...

I went to get a new prescription for glasses. Tried out Dr. Kristin Heeney at Yuka's command. Dr. K has a puppy that runs around the store and Yuka wanted to 'meet' it. Unfortunately she had to work the day I went, so I met the puppy and yuka will have to go another time. Dr. K diagnosed me with a chronic eye infection that was causing me problems, not just over use of the computer. We're dealing with that. Then she actually lowered my prescription. Yesterday, Yuka and I met up at RAPP Optical, where I get my glasses. The woman there recognized my business card I'd given her... to get my 'data'. Turns out that Gale Moore (director of KMDI) goes there. I knew that Steve Mann was working with Mel Rapp to get his cyborgspecs... seems like KMDI should get a discount or something. As a result of all this... I've been reading and reviewing papers. Read Jasjit and Ben's contributions for the International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments and reviewed articles for the journals ""Surveillance and Society"" and ""Educational Technology and Society"". Now I'm off to celebrate Bram Stoker's birthday with Elizabeth Miller and Crew."

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The whole point...

Nasty little picture. See the puncture in the cable at the lower right? All around MacGuru Alan is checking around Akihabara in Tokyo to see if he can find the part. Will I ever learn?"

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November 05, 2003

No User Serviceable Parts

Just One Dead iPod... Well, Mr Fiddler broke his iPod. Broke it real good. My audio jack was busted, it is a well known problem, and I was going to open it up to fix it. Did some searching about and found some instructions. And things went pretty well, until I had the cover all off. Great. Pulled it apart gently and noticed that I had poked a hole in the ribbon cable that goes from the harddrive to the circuitboard. There you go. A useless and dead 20 gig iPod. Moan. I did some searching, and have found some damaged iPods for sale... shouldn't be a problem. And then I found a reference to someone in Michigan who says that he'll repair iPods cheap. Have emailed him to see if he'll sell me a cable. He's checking. And I'm holding my breath. And yes, I checked with Apple. Repairing the plug would have cost more than a new iPod."

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November 04, 2003

Whack the Mayor

Found this on the McLuhan blog: Whack the Mayor. Politics as it should be."

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November 03, 2003

Gaiman responds... from SlashDot

Gaiman Responds to questions asked of him via SlashDot. I just saw the BBC video version of Neverwhere recently. I like it."

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November 02, 2003

24 hours without jasonnolan.net

The Internet lost its heart and soul yesterday when http://jasonnolan.net fell off the face of the earth. I knew it was going, but was otherwise occupied, and I didn't think that a day without it would cause much trouble. I'd just not taken the 5 minutes required to go online and pay for the domain name for another year. What I forgot was that my email would immediately fail at 12:01 am November 1. Silly me. As soon as I realized this, around 11am, I paid up and had to wait for the next 12 hours until the internet knew it was back. And here we are."

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