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November 05, 2003

No User Serviceable Parts

Just One Dead iPod... Well, Mr Fiddler broke his iPod. Broke it real good. My audio jack was busted, it is a well known problem, and I was going to open it up to fix it. Did some searching about and found some instructions. And things went pretty well, until I had the cover all off. Great. Pulled it apart gently and noticed that I had poked a hole in the ribbon cable that goes from the harddrive to the circuitboard. There you go. A useless and dead 20 gig iPod. Moan. I did some searching, and have found some damaged iPods for sale... shouldn't be a problem. And then I found a reference to someone in Michigan who says that he'll repair iPods cheap. Have emailed him to see if he'll sell me a cable. He's checking. And I'm holding my breath. And yes, I checked with Apple. Repairing the plug would have cost more than a new iPod."

Posted by jason at November 5, 2003 05:50 PM