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December 25, 2003

ProjectAchieve on the MOOve...

For those of you that know and use ProjectAchieve collaborative virtual learning environment (or MOOktiMOO or EdenMOO for that matter), the MOO is on the move. The hardware that has hosted these servers since 1998 is kaput. Tape backup dead. Fan for the powersupply dead. Monitor dead. And it is only a Pentium II 350 anyway. Time to die. I'm moving everything over to my old iMac DV (G3 450). This is the machine that hosts edublog.com, jasonnolan.net and virtuallearninghandbook.net, and some others. Note that http://projectachieve.net will be the correct address. The other two older addresses http://achieve.kmdi.utoronto.ca and http://achieve.utoronto.ca will work again soon enough, but they're not the ones you should be using anyway. That's all... oh, except for the twiki. It will probably be down for a bit. or up only as an archive."

Posted by jason at December 25, 2003 05:55 PM