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January 04, 2004

BlogSpam will die... and other stories...

Just about to install anti-blogspam scode to see how it works. But on a better note, it has be a culinary feast over the past few days... starting with dinner this week at KAT!'s pad, after we saw LotR: RotK. Fresh fried calamari and shrimp, and veggies steamed in paper. And of course Mota, the cat who left us to live with KAT! and Muddy, was there and still appreciated us. Pictures to follow. Next night it was dinner at Le Select bistro. We let J-J who 'pretends' to own the place, but apparently really just plays in the wine cellar, choose an amazing wine that we could afford. The wine's unavailable in Toronto, but when it comes in next J-J said he'd email me. And that's tough since they are reputed to have the best cellar in Toronto with wines up to $2500 a bottle. Dinner was compliments of my sister Kelly as a christmas present. And last night Arun was in town so we could price out a computer for him. We were just going to have leftovers at home, but since I'd defrosted some of the dough I made up last week, I thought we'd have a small pizza along side the odds and sods. It was amazing! Dumb luck, but the dough worked perfectly, transfirred from the wooden tray to the hot tile in the oven... covered with tomato sauce, tomatos, green onions, greek olives, ground beef, black pepper, orange peppers, goat cheddar and goat feta. Drooool. Preparing for kmd2003 tomorrow night. Looking forward to it."

Posted by jason at January 4, 2004 06:54 PM