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January 20, 2004

Net Author is Recruiting!

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DATE: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 23:51:52 +0100 From: ""Rhonna J. Robbins-Sponaas"" Subject: Net Author is Recruiting! Or, in other words . . . . . .HELP! :-) Hei, folks! As always whenever we need help, we're starting with our list membership. And right now we definitely need help. As much as possible, Net Author uses a blind review process for submissions sent to the journal, *E2K*. For those of you who aren't familiar with the process, it means that the readers don't know who actually wrote the work, and therefore cannot be influenced by name or credentials. The problem, however, is that we've recently had one of those periods of attrition every organization has; we've lost folks to illness or professional moves as they step out into new challenges. And that means that we're searching for new readers for fiction, creative nonfiction, and writing-related nonfiction. Historically, our reviewers have often moved into associate editor or editor at large positions, and submission reading is one of the requirements for that status. Likewise, it's part of any training program we offer toward editorial status, and while we don't have one open at the moment, any current reader activity would be applied to that training program. In other words, we're looking for folks who are willing to work with us as readers. It's a purely volunteer function--as are all our positions--so there's no money involved. We average some 17 fiction and nonfiction submissions per month, but not all submissions need reviewing, so neither are we talking about huge amounts of time. The difficulty is that we need a handful of experienced writers/readers; it would be difficult for novice writers to evaluate the works with the level of discernment and sophistication we need, and at the moment, we're so short staffed that we don't have time for training. At a later time we can certainly open that possibility up for some of the younger troops, but right now we need folks who can go right to work with only a basic orientation. What you'd do . . . Basically, this is the easy part. As I receive the submissions, I'strip all identifying info from them and forward them to the reviewers. Those reviewers then read the work and send a short (less than 200 words) response back to me, following the guidelines and format I'd give you, and those reviews would then be used toward making a final decision on the work and responding to the writer. And there you have it. We need readers. Wanna help? If you think you're up for it, PLEASE check in with me. Just send me a mail with a statement of interest and a brief summary of your own experience and credentials so we can get a sense of your background, and we'll go from there. Rhonna (crossing her fingers and waiting with bated breath) *********************************************************** Rhonna J. Robbins-Sponaas Editor in Chief, Net Author http://www.netauthor.org ***********************************************************"

Posted by jason at January 20, 2004 08:36 AM