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June 01, 2004

"NewYorkish: Larry David, Defender of the Innocent"

Murder suspect found not guilty by TV show footage. \""One more reason to love Larry David: he saved a life this week. According to Celebrity Justice (story not online), pillar of journalistic integrity, an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm now lies at the heart of a murder investigation. Here\'s how it goes: in May of 2003, a murder led the LAPD to a suspect, a man with reputed ties to a notorious LA-based gang. The suspicion only increased when the man couldn\'t provide investigators with much of an alibi. He told the cops he\'d been at a Dodgers game, although the only person who could confirm his whereabouts that day was his sympathetic girlfriend.\"""

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yukazine diary

yukazine diary has a nice picture of norman the cat, who just moved back to his owners while we go on holidays. Mom\'s watching the apartment, while we\'re gone, but norman pined for the fjords. Norman in Shrek II"

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