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September 30, 2004

While watching the presidential debate

Rochelle and I said...

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Which OS are you...

You are Red Hat Linux. You're tops among your peers, but still get no respect from them.  It's all right with you.  You have your sights set higher.
Which OS are You?

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Lucy Maud Montgomery Album in Paperback

Yuka noticed that the softcover version is available at:
Amazon.com: Books: Lucy Maud Montgomery Album
. Yuka and I have various articles and photos in it.

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Smarter than Jack

Smarter than Jack is now including canadian animals.

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September 29, 2004

ArtFuture blogs our CFS

artFUTURE | The Business of New Media and hyper-textual ontology: And she's off and running... posted our call for "Gathering of the Tribes Magazine". STill trying to get the word out.

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The World's "Best Bad Poet"

From Great Stories, People, Books & Events in Literary History

On this day in 1902 William McGonagall, poet and tragedian of Dundee, died. McGonagall was a middle-aged weaver when he heard his muse; today he is a cult figure, his many collections of poetry translated into over a dozen languages and selling well to those wishing to investigate a reputation for "the worst poetry ever written, in any language, at any time."

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September 28, 2004

Volume 5 is here...

The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery看看 - Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Vol.V :1935-1942 is already for sale in PEI. We'll be going to the book launch in Leaskdale on October 23.

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September 27, 2004

Upcoming event...

Liss told me to tell you to watch the The Marshall Mcluhan Global Research Network for info about an upcoming event october 14 from 5:30-7:30 called "this day has 26 chapters/ the medium is the mobilization".

I'll be in NYC for a meeting, but I'll be thinking of it.

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September 26, 2004

How to choose a wiki

I mentioned to KAT! how much I love media wiki. Jeremy got me into that flavour, though of course he's always loved wikis and thought they were the best tool for all things. Not. Anyway,

CT (me): mediawiki rulz
KAT: so you keep telling me
CT (me): I'm going to keep telling everyone that.
KAT: btw, DGP (5th floor Bahen) is setting up a wiki for their lab and trying to decide which to use
you should go offer your expert advice
CT (me): I got jeremy using a wiki...
CT (me): I've set up 5
CT (me): they'll use the wrong one for the same reasons every one does.
CT (me): they think about it, then choose, then are committed, so they reverse justify it
KAT: heh
CT (me): the only correct way is to use it, and start over with the next, keeping the old one around for reference, use it, and start over with the next, keeping the old one around for reference, use it, and start over with the next, keeping the old one around for reference, use it, and start over with the next, keeping the old one around for reference... and then realize that media wiki rulz
KAT: giggle
KAT: the Dr J wiki approach
CT (me): is there a better one?
CT (me): is there a better one and you're not going to tell me?
KAT: nope
CT (me): are you telling the truth?
KAT: never
CT (me): gotta blog this
KAT: giggle

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Doctor J

KAT! asked me if I knew of Doctor J from Gundam Wing. And it is me:

看看看看看看看"With his goggle eyes, leg braces, pointed beard, long gray hair, mechanical claw hand, and tan labcoat, Doctor J had about as many distinguishing characteristics as the rest of the scientists put together. He created the Wing Gundam, and seems to have taken on a sort of unofficial position as the leader of the scientist crowd. Personally, I kind of like him."

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Alice or the Mysteries...

Just found Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints which reprints old occult victoriana. I'm really curious about secret knowledge and histories, because they're about the fictional creation of pasts, communities and learning environments. And the imposition of the fictional on the real. Whatever those two mean.

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Been looking for something like this...

Found this Joi Ito post about Flickr - Photo Sharing. He's investing in it, and using it. Lots of people ask me how they can share their photos, and this may be a solution.

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September 25, 2004

OISE partners with War Industry

Strategic Partnership to Drive Better Training Solutions - Atlantis Partners with the Institute for Knowledge, Innovation and Technology (IKIT) at OISE/University of Toronto"

IKIT is led by "lead by world renowned cognitive scientists Dr. Marlene Scardamalia and Dr. Carl Bereiter."

Note that Atlantis is a military contractor. So much for educating the next generation: "Atlantis is a globally recognized developer of simulation-based training systems principally for military and commercial aircraft servicing an international client base. With a track record of 25 years, Atlantis produces turnkey training solutions including flight training devices, advanced maintenance trainers, tactical team trainers, sensor and system part-task training solutions, pilot selection systems, avionic test equipment, and simulated cockpit controls and displays."

[I have removed my comments on this post while I consider if they are appropriate. Having discussed this with a number of lawyers, the conclusion was really one of the necessity of my comment, not whether it was actionable or objectionable. I will leave it up to you to guess why it even became an issue.]

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September 23, 2004

KMD2003: Knowledge Media Design and Learning updated

KMD2003: Knowledge Media Design and Learning is now fully online... nothing to download and no doc files. Teaching the first class of this course tonight. I can't believe that a course can start so late... since today's also the drop date. I wonder who will show up.

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Sousveillance: A Gathering of the Tribes

I just posted a Call for Proposals for a forthcoming issue of A Gathering of the Tribes: Sousveillance: A Gathering of the Tribes that Stefanos Pantagis and I are co-editing.

A Gathering of the Tribes (tribes.org) magazine seeks submissions for a special issue focused on the evolving Sousveillance art movement. We are looking for contributions reflective of how the arts are affected by monitoring and surveillance (socially pervasive computing; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sousveillance) that are effecting human liberties. Defining the public space and identifying the opportunities for expression that public spaces afford needs to be contrasted with the importance of defining freedom and privacy in this era of instantenous access to information. From consumer data fed to advertisers via creditcards, to collecting information to 'protect' us from terrorists, to the monitoring of books we buy or borrow, the fact is that information collection systems are ubiquitous and converging with bio-informatics data mining, facial recognition, and even personal DNA data systems. Our world is closing in and the opportunities for autonomous creative expression are declining along with it. Reestablishing power and control over our own lives may come from a creative appropriation and understanding of how surveillance systems are integrated into the social看 environment.看 Sousveillance is one potential avenue towards achieving this goal.

Surveillance, meaning to watch from above, can be countered by eveloping the art of Sousveillance, a phrase coined to describe the act of watching from below. Sousveillance is as an inverse to surveillance, watching the watchers, and bringing the cameras down from the heavens, from看 lamp posts and buildings to human-eye-level. The camcorder recording which spotlighted police brutality in the Rodney King case represents a seminal act of sousveillance. For the issue of "Tribes" titled Sousveillence, we seek creative works exploring how individuals and cultures artistically respond to and represent our world under surveillance. New media performance emphasizing the importance of public reflection on ubiquitous surveillance and sousveillence is encouraged, as well as essays, short stories, poetry and visual works that assist in defining the ideals of human centeredness in a mechanical and monitored world.

[Japanese version http://sousveillance.org/tribesissue/japanese.html]

Editors: Stefanos Pantagis, Jason Nolan,
Advising Editors: Tom Savage, Dan Chang, Steve Cannon, Steve Mann, Bob Holman, Nikki Johnson, Yuka Kajihara (japanese)

Submission information:

Due date:
Submissions are due: Feb 1, 2005
Response from editors: April 2005
Expected publication date: Summer 2005

Electronic submissions: tribes@sousveillance.org

Mailing Address:
Jason Nolan
KMDI, room 7224
University of Toronto
40 St George St
Toronto, Canada

Electronic submissions:
- text must be submitted as a text attachement in .rtf, .txt or .doc format.
- images should be high quality jpg files, 300dpi, 15cm x 15cm max.
- file names must contain the first and last name of the submitter, e.g. jason.nolan.photo1.jpg, jasonnolan.1stpoem.rtf
- submissions must include full name, email address and mailing contact information IN the body of the email message

Mailed submissions:
- incompletely addressed mail will not arrive properly
- artwork should be well packaged and in a format sufficient for scanning
- include a self addressed envelope with sufficient postage if you want work returned

Questions: tribes@sousveillance.org, yuka@yukazine.com (japanese)

This document is archived at http://sousveillance.org/tribesissue

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The Revenant Amazon Order.

So, here's what happened. Last July I ordered a book. A reprint of Dudley Wright's 1914 Vampires and Vampirism from Amazon.ca. IT was shipped July 13. And it never arrived. When I checked the order on the web page it showed that it didn't even make it to Toronto, ending up in Mississauga, but was listed as delivered. If you don't know already, Amazon hides its complaints pages deep inside its site. If you want to talk to a human, it takes work.

I found this contact information and I emailed for help for my missing package. Amazon is very good about responding and sending out another package. It arrived in a week or so. But the first package was lost.

When I got to work yesterday there was a red letter on my desk with "FINAL NOTICE" written on it, saying that it was the last chance to pick up some package at the post office. Some post office pretty far from campus. And the package was being held until two days ago. So I called and it was still there.

Now is always a good time for some exercise, so I walk on up to this post office and get my package. No shock. They can't find it. The woman I talked to had only checked to see if the package was in her computer, when I'd called to find out if it was really there, she'd not checked the actual package. After about 10 minutes of looking and relooking, it was found, elsewhere. I got my package and left. I was considering refusing to accept the package, but I wasn't sure what it was, it had no indication on the package, and I had no idea what would happen to it if I tried to refuse it... something nasty.

Took it back to my office and sure enough it was the original book I'd ordered. It had taken just over 8 weeks for the package to arrive in Toronto from Amazon.ca's warehouse... in Mississauga. For the unwashed, Mississauga is the city next to Toronto, and their borders actually touch. You need to watch the signs very carefully to find the one that marks the boundary, on the bridge over the Credit River.

As you could imagine, I'm a good boy, so I email my Amazon address that I'd used to complain about the non-arrival of my package, so that I can complain about the arrival of my package. How convenient. You can imagine how fast and enthusiastically thankful the Customer Support person was. They would love to have the package back, if I would just click here and fill in this form. And I did, and was informed that I had no outstanding packages. So I emailed customer service again, to more apologies. And would I please just send the package to this address. I idly wonder if Amazon Customer support folks smoke crack. They want me to pay to return a package that they couldn't bother to send to me, or bother to track down and get returned on their own? After another email they assure me that they will reimburse me for the cost of shipping it, but not the time involved for me to do it. What the hell. I'll send it back by first class courier.

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Fine White Powder

While I was cooking last night, Yuka commented that I was producing a lot of smoke. Our apartment has no smoke vent over the oven, so that sometimes happens. But it doesn't happen when I'm boiling water for pasta. It was stranger than usual too, because when I went out of the kitchen the smoke got a bit thicker.

We'd heard fire trucks outside about 10 minutes before, but that's usual, seeing that there are 7 apartment buildings on our street and Ontario College of Art & Design across the road. If the alarm doesn't go off, you know it is something in another building.

Yuka opens the door to the hallway, just enough to engage the safety lock, letting in fresh air, and I continue cooking. Neither of us are perplexed.

I finish cooking and go to wipe off the oily film on my glasses. That happens when I'm frying things. But the haze is there when I take my glasses off. And things finally reach conscious level. I go to the door and open it, and the entire hallway is filled with white powder and dust. just as I do it, a security guard with a couple of fire men shout at me to close the door and keep it closed. But they don't look too freaked out. There are white foot prints up and down the hall. I go back in the apartment, open the balcony door, crank up the air conditioning and we have dinner, admiring the fine white powder on the table.

After dinner I go to have a look again, and there's a security guard still there. Yuka is on the balcony and says that the fire trucks have gone. I ask the guard what's up. "Someone set off fire extinguisher(s). We have called to have it cleaned up, and people are coming." I couldn't be sure how many extinguishers, but one was enough. I could still see it laying at his feet, though I assume he didn't do it. And the evening continued.

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September 22, 2004


I just installed yet another wiki. This one's WidgetWiki, based on MediaWiki. And I'll use it with my Ryerson and KMDI students this year. Yay...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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September 21, 2004


Issue 9 of the KMDiary is up. The diary is widely read in the tech industry and has been a good way to get the word out on tech issues to locations beyond the universities. This issue mentions the SIGGOUP bulletin that Jeremy and I are editing.

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September 20, 2004

Centre for the Study of Education and Work @ OISE

[I just found the following reference to me and some of my work at good 'ol OISE.]

Centre for the Study of Education and Work | Research | OISE/UT

For further reading at this stage, on the topic of contemporary approaches to education/research, we recommend you read: 蠟Over Schooled and Under Educated蠡 an essay by OISE/UT PhD, Jason Nolan.

Sample: 蠟The successful online learner is characterized as willing to embark on "a voyage of discovery through the world of knowledge" (Harasim, et al., 1995, p. 193). This description is problematic on a number of points, but it does reflect an attitude that should be important in all learning, especially when it is accompanied by a critical awareness of the politics involved with whose knowledge is being considered and for what purpose.蠡 http://jasonnolan.net/papers/comp2.html

That's October's lesson. Hope to see you at one of our events!

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September 18, 2004

Dusting the Mann II

I was out Dusting with Steve Mann and Yuka Kajihara at Dundas Square last night. Dundas square is getting a reputation as a public place that is not too public.

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Dusting off Mann

Yuka and I tracked down Steve last night at Dundas Square and took some pictures of him taking pictures of dry water fountains. And got harasses by drunks. Will upload pictures.

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September 17, 2004

I'm not dead, yet...

CBC News: Nfld. man telephones during own funeral

Thursday's funeral in Toronto, Dane Squires called his daughter Trina to report that he was alive and well.

"They [had] just loaded Dane's body in the hearse and the funeral director comes and says, 'Somebody would like to speak to you on the phone,' and Dane's daughter Trina took the phone," said Gilbert Squires.

"This was Dane on the phone, so she actually thought that she was dead or talking to a ghost or something and just about lost her mind."

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Who is watching Ken...

From Finally譯a Blog at EmigResearch.com:

Peter and I did a short performance on the NewRO TV station in Ottawa on the noon show to promote the festival. A co-worker actually saw me on TV from a friends house where they were at lunch. I never know who is watching.

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September 16, 2004

Megan wants to know...

also, what exactly is the big deal about heidegger蘗s theory of technology?

Jeremy must know.

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My work here is done...

When you read Catspaw's Guide to the Inevitably Insane and hear her type things like "Every pedagogy-aware bone in my body shuddered..." you know that you have passed the torch on to the next generation. \

\me weeps tears of joy at a job well done.

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September 14, 2004

You. Yes YOU!

I'm watching you!

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Gina's thoughts on making google like you

Help the Googlebot understand your web site [Scribbling.net]

Right now I'd like to lock myself in a small padded room, froth at the mouth, and make menacing faces through barred windows at innocent passer-by. But my shrink says I should channel my anger into something productive.

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Interesting surveillance site

Rhinestoning Headquarters at
System_Azure by Jill Magid
(http://evidencelocker.net) got me enthused... about something.

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IBM opensource donation

From MacInTouch Home Page

The N.Y. Times reports that IBM is donating speech software to two open-source groups:
IBM is donating code that it estimates cost the company $10 million to develop. One collection of speech software for handling basic words for dates, time and locations, like cities and states, will go to the Apache Software Foundation. The company is also contributing speech-editing tools to a second open-source group, the Eclipse Foundation.

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September 13, 2004

Oh, how academic

Off to guest lecture in two of Roger Kuin's English classes at YorkU. Quick little things on how to blog. Then back down for the first meeting of my second Early Childhood Education and Technology class at RyersonU. With one more of roger's classes, another ECE & Tech, plus my KMDI grad class this week you'd just have to wonder why all this teaching all the sudden. I guess I missed it and am making up for not teaching since April. Or something. Perhaps yesterday's self portrait says it all.

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September 12, 2004

Where I live...

I've finally had a solid self portrait taken of me... by myself, but what do you know.
Yuka took me again to the Toronto Islands again. We walked from Hanlan's Point to Ward's Island, stopping off at the petting zoo, of course.

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September 11, 2004

Megan's finally on board.

She's got a blog finally: Megan Boler's Weather Reports

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September 10, 2004

Jeremy did it...

Jeremy at too many topics, too little time beat me to it.

Call for Submissions: SIGGROUP Bulletin special issue on Virtual Communities: ''Less of You, More of Us: The Political Economy of Power in Virtual Communities''

Jason Nolan, Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto

Jeremy Hunsinger, Center for Digital Discourse and Culture, Virginia Tech

Submissions due January 15, 2005

''Less of You, More of Us: The Political Economy of Power in Virtual Communities''

The goal is to bring into the dialogue a number of researchers on virtual community who are looking at the borders and peripheral locations that are ignored, unknown or explicitly overlooked. Within the notion that community, often the walls we build around ourselves form看 mechanism of power and preference, this issue will examine online communities that are excluded or self-excluding from the dominant forms, norms and discourses. For example, there are a large number of researchers inquiring into the recent blogging phenomenon, but I have heard many explicitly exclude technologies/communities such as LiveJournal.com with his 3.8 million users (1.7 active), and discount the value of看 teenage bloggers, who are mostly female (67% of Livejournal users). Because researchers tend to cover familiar territories, we encourage authors to explore alternatives. Our issue will provide researchers with the opportunity to expose the readership to a wider sense of virtual community and what is going on at the edges of the event horizon.

Some of the anticipated themes are: hacking virtual community; the overlooked, broken down, subverted or reconceptualized virtual communities; borders and breaches, the ordering of virtual community; hacktivism; sexually focused virtual communities; questioning the value of online community; collective intelligence is just the fordism of the mind; the Slash Fiction communities; MOOs the early forgotten virtual communities; and the code beneath the community - exploring programmer and system administrative communities.

Submissions should be sent to both: jason.nolan@utoronto.ca and jhuns@vt.edu Web site: http://www.acm.org/sigs/siggroup

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September 09, 2004


I'm just hanging out withAniko and discussing strange things today.

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September 07, 2004

Landro and Millie

Just had dinner with Landro Kalrizian (Andrew Emig, Ken's brother) and his wife Laura Shutter. They've both been on the road since forever with Thoroughly Modern Millie, though Landro's been just traveling about and working from whatever Starbucks he can get internet access from. We went down to the Queen Mother for some Thai food, and a bit of insanity. Dinner was augmented by a racoon crawling around the patio and causing mayhem.

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You will be photographed

Steve Mann sent me some of his photgraphs. It seems that car surveillance is the next thing.

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September 05, 2004

How dinners should be run...

KAT! outdid herself. And outdid all who have desserted at my house, I think. She made "Snacky S'Mores". In one of her Flash Movies there is the line "Eat Snaky S'mores" in the final credits. [Actually it is "Eat Snacky Smores" at http://insanecats.com/flash/curtain.swf at the end.] And I've been asking her for some for a long time. So long that I don't even thing of it any more. Well, this time she said, upon arrival, I have the dessert you asked for, but not what you're expecting... and voila. "Snacky S'Mores"! Megan took photos of the insanity. And if she ever shares, then you'll see.

So, as mentioned, Jenny and Megan came by, along with KAT!, and at the last minute I got a phone call from sMom Cheryl, asking if I could babysit my sister. She's 15, but can't run around toronto unescorted all night. Unfortunately I got ripped off. I had to take care of her for 4 hours, and I demanded to be paid. Only got $20. She gets $7.50/hr for babysitting our other sister, Emmers. Emmers was showing at the CNE all week... and didnt' require babysitting. She's 12, I guess. Oh, and the main point, my sister's name is Cat. So we had KAT! and Cat over for dinner. Thank god for the exclamation point, or we'd not be able to tell them apart. Oh, and we took the $20 and went over the top with a really nice Amarone. Well, you can't get an Amarone for $20, but it contributed a lot. Of course, CAT couldn't drink it, cause she's 15. KAT! doesn't drink around me, though I've seen her once. Jenny was on call at work. So yuka, megan and I did the wine damage.

Kat! and Cat came early, and helped with the cooking. Cat made the raspberry vinegarette for the warm goatcheese salad, Yuka put the rest of it together leaving it to me to warm the cheese. KAT! cut most of the veggies for the pizza, and made all the pesto by hand. She's getting good at that. All I did was make dough for the Za, sautee the shallots, garlic and wild boar, and cook the pizza. KAT! actually made 2 of the pizza's up by herself. I guess I can retire, and just make dough. The pizzas were great, being a group effort. No one let me burn them like I usually do. Salad was good too... only second time, but the vinegarette is developing nicely.

Then snacky smores! Followed by grapes (including the first concord grapes of the summer), and some nice cheeses (manchego cruda and some raw sheepmilk gouda like thing.).

Jenny played some songs on the guitar. And the evening was done. Fun? Wow!

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September 04, 2004


KAT!, Megan and Jenny are coming over for another pizza experimentation tonight. Got five funky new cheeses, wild boar, and hopefully KAT! will get here in time to help make the pesto again. And of course grapes and port and more cheese, along with whatever shows up for dessert. I like Saturdays.

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September 03, 2004

epresence 2.6 is out...

ePresence is a KMDI video streaming environment that is developed by Peter Wolf, my officemate, at kmdi. It is going opensource soon.

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September 02, 2004

Ink Art


I ran into Mike Parsons again today. I see his art all over Toronto, literally. And I will buy some after I buy some wall space. I figure that he must contribute some stuff to the Sousveillance issue of A Gathering of the Tribes that I blogged the CFP for a month ago.

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TV, Blogging and Privacy

I was just interviewed by Hannah Budriou of Global National News about blogs and privacy. I seems that some poor soul blogged about his job a starbucks, and got turfed for his trouble. I'll let you know if they include me.

Luckily I wore a nice shirt today.

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The office cam is up fulltime...

I finally got my key from IOxperts to run a usb cam under OS X updated and my office cam can now run full time. I guess it is a surveillance thing. Right now it is pointed out the dirty window, which I'll have to clean, but it has a view of downtown toronto that is pretty nice.

Note that the above link is a java applet that will show you live pictures. You can view static images and aggrigate images here.

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annis horribilis看看

Samuel Pepys - Pepys' London 'A Malicious Bloody Flame'

Samuel Pepys, by J. Hayls, 1666.

On this day in 1666, the Great Fire of London began, enkindled by the King's baker when he failed to damp his oven properly. While only sixteen people died, eighty per cent of the City was razed over four days, leaving 436 acres leveled and 100,000 homeless.

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Panda Twins

Twins Born to Popular San Diego Zoo Panda

Twins Born to Popular San Diego Zoo Panda
Hua Mei was sent to China to breed in a dual-nation effort to save the species.

SAN DIEGO 癩 Hua Mei, the giant panda born five years ago at the San Diego Zoo and one of its most popular animals ever, has given birth to twins in her ancestral China.

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It feels good to be home. I seem like I'm no longer running around in someone else's nightmare. I have moveabletype, and I can construct my own little nightmares all by my self... now is the time for configuration.

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