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October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!


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Jeremy's an alley cat... Too many topics, too little time. Ȭ iĺ─˘m an alley cat. And his new site is rather pretty.

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October 30, 2004

Bush's One-fingered Victory Salute

Videos: Bush's One-fingered Victory Salute during the last months of Bush as governor.

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it's trackback porn spam day!

Lots of us are getting spammed by porn trackback spam... I'm banning the IPs as they come in and deleting the trackbacks. Rochelle's turning off trackbacks.

I clicked on one of the links to see what it was really going too, and it is funny. It goes to fake pages with no porn on them. I think they're trying to raise the status of domain names and then sell them or something.

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Styles of Address

I was just emailing my old teacher who is now archbishop of the Graceland Independent Anglican Church, when I realized that I didn't know how to address an archbishop Elvisian or otherwise. I blogged about him last winter after seeing him on TV in the guise of Elvis Priestly.

Anyway, to my aid, came the canadian government and their web page: Styles of address, which tells you how to address queens, archbishops, aboriginal band leaders. Very cool, though I notice that it doesn't cover more than the two apparently offical religions in Canada: Anglicanism and Catholicism... what's with that?

For more info on Mr B:

Anglican Journal, February 2003 -- Elvis imitator decides it's now or never

Mr. Baxter said the Elvis shtick, which has taken him around the world for performing and speaking engagements, started in 1996 after his two daughters persuaded him to enter an Elvis contest in Collingwood, Ont. Two years later, his Grade 8 class gave him the moniker Elvis Priestley.

CBC News:First anniversary for 'Elvis Priestly' church

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October 29, 2004

Free Down Load... F9/11

Marc Perkel Rantz: Download Fahrenheit 9/11 Here

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Apple store for TO? Could it be true?

[Last march I posted Apple Store(s) for Toronto? on my blog, and it has been my most active post ever.]

Now... AppleInsider | Apple retail to expand into Canada in 2005

Sources tell AppleInsider that Apple Computer is close to inking a deal with realtors that would bring Canada is first Apple retail store, extending the company's retail presence to yet another country.

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OTHER blog

This blog is not active. It exists only as a repository of old content. Go to http://jasonnolan.net/words/ please."

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October 28, 2004

Fixed WordPress

Since Jeremy didn't respond the way I had hoped to my request to fix Vector J!, my installation of Wordpress that I stopped using last spring, I figured I'd fix it myself. No asking questions, reading stupid manuals or searching the internet for solutions. Just me and BBedit. Fixed the bugger. Not that I'm going to use it any more, it is just an archive of old entries that I can't export to Moveabletype. But still. It is fixed... somewhat :)

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October 26, 2004

An FBI eye on the Stefanos Guy

It is always wise to read up on what Stefanos is doing... and finally the FBI is getting on the info train: Where Was I on Sept 4, 2004? The FBI wants to know.. You'd think that the frigging FBI could just read his blog. It is not like he doesn't tell us everything already. Go Stef!

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Why do I learn this now?

I saw a Bravo channel doc on the Nihilist Spasm Band from London Ontario, as they become big in japan, after almost 40 years of doing their thang. Had I heard about them 20 years ago. My life could have taken a different more noisy direction :)

Robert Fulford's column about the Nihilist Spasm Band

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October 25, 2004

Office Cam Looking Good.

You'll have to refresh manually, but it is nice.

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Canadian Children's Literature CFP

[Disclosure: I'm on the editorial board.]

CCL: Canadian Children's Literature/ Littłęrature canadienne pour la jeunesse is moving to the University of Winnipeg as of January, 2005, with Perry Nodelman of the Department of English as Editor and Mavis Reimer of the Department of English and Anne Rusnak of the Department of French Studies and German Studies as Associate Editors. The new editors are now accepting submissions.

La revue CCL : Littłęrature canadienne pour la jeunesse sera situłęe łŢ l'universitłę de Winnipeg łŢ partir de janvier 2005, avec Perry Nodelman, du dłępartement d'anglais, comme rłędacteur en chef, ainsi que Mavis Reimer du dłępartement d'anglais et Anne Rusnak du dłępartement dĺ─˘łętudes franł▀aises et dĺ─˘łętudes allemandes comme rłędactrices associłęes. Les nouveaux rłędacteurs acceptent dł«s maintenant la soumission d'articles.

CCL: Canadian Children's Literature/ Littłęrature canadienne pour la jeunesse is a bilingual refereed academic journal that advances knowledge and understanding of texts of Canadian children's literature in a range of media in both English and French. CCL publishes sound theoretically informed scholarship about all aspects of texts for Canadian children in both of Canada's official languages. The journal focuses on texts for and about Canadian children of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds both in terms of how the texts function culturally and ideologically in the lives of Canadian children and adults and of how they represent a specific kind of literature requiring consideration in terms of their artistry and of literary and cultural history and theory. CCL seeks articles from specialists in English and /or French literature, theatre and drama, media studies, literary theory, education, information science, childhood and cultural studies, and related disciplines on any and all texts for Canadian children in a range of contexts: the economic and cultural aspects of their production and consumption, the history and nature of children's literature and culture nationally and internationally (including discussions of Canadian texts in relation to those published elsewhere), and literature and literary and cultural history and theory generally. CCL also seeks articles that explore the practical implications of the research it publishes for librarians, teachers, and other practitioners who work with child readers.

Articles may be submitted as attachments in Word or RTF format to:


Alternately, submit three copies on paper, along with a stamped, self-addressed return envelope, to: CCL Department of English University of Winnipeg 515 Portage Avenue Winnipeg MB R3L 1V

All submissions should conform to MLA style. Since papers are vetted blind, the name and contact information of the author should be removed from the submission and appear on a separate page with your contact information (including phone number and e-mail address). Decisions about submitted papers should be made within three months.

La revue CCL : Littłęrature canadienne pour la jeunesse sera situłęe łŢ l'universitłę de Winnipeg łŢ partir de janvier 2005, avec Perry Nodelman, du dłępartement d'anglais, comme rłędacteur en chef, ainsi que Mavis Reimer du dłępartement d'anglais et Anne Rusnak du dłępartement dĺ─˘łętudes franł▀aises et dĺ─˘łętudes allemandes comme rłędactrices associłęes. Les nouveaux rłędacteurs acceptent dł«s maintenant la soumission d'articles.

La revue CCL : Littłęrature canadienne pour la jeunesse est une revue bilingue dotłęe dĺ─˘un comitłę de lecture, qui fait avancer la connaissance et la comprłęhension des textes en littłęrature canadienne pour la jeunesse par une vaste diffusion en anglais et en franł▀ais. Elle publie des travaux thłęoriquement solides concernant tous les aspects des textes destinłęs aux enfants et aux adolescents canadiens dans les deux langues officielles du pays. La revue se concentre sur des textes pour et sur les jeunes Canadiens de tout groupe ethnique et de tout milieu socioculturel. Son but est de cerner le fonctionnement culturel et idłęologique de ces textes dans la vie des enfants et des adultes du Canada, aussi bien que leur valeur reprłęsentative au sein dĺ─˘un genre littłęraire spłęcifique dont les caractłęristiques artistiques, littłęraires, culturelles et thłęoriques młęritent lĺ─˘attention. La revue invite la soumission dĺ─˘articles de spłęcialistes en littłęrature franł▀aise ou anglaise, en łętudes thłęłótrales, en sciences de la communication et des młędias, en thłęorie littłęraire, en płędagogie, en łętudes culturelles et sur lĺ─˘enfance, et de toute discipline se rattachant łŢ des textes traitant dĺ─˘une variłętłę de contextes : aspects łęconomiques et culturels de leur conception et de leur production, histoire et nature de la littłęrature pour la jeunesse et de la culture de la jeunesse sur le plan national ou international (y compris des analyses de textes canadiens en relation avec ceux publiłęs ailleurs), ainsi que littłęrature, histoire culturelle ou littłęraire et thłęorie. La revue recherche łęgalement des articles explorant les implications pratiques de la recherche pour les bibliothłęcaires, les enseignants et autres praticiens travaillant avec de jeunes lecteurs.

Les articles peuvent łütre soumis en documents joints de format Word ou RTF łŢ lĺ─˘adresse łęlectronique suivante :


Il est aussi possible de soumettre trois exemplaires sur papier, accompagnłęs d'une enveloppe timbrłęe łŢ l'adresse ci-aprł«s:

CCL Dłępartement d'anglais Universitłę de Winnipeg 515, avenue Portage Winnipeg MB R3B 2E

Les soumissions doivent suivre les usages łętablis par la MLA et doivent rłęunir une lettre de prłęsentation avec les coordonnłęes de lĺ─˘auteur. Afin dĺ─˘assurer lĺ─˘łęvaluation objective du travail par les pairs, les copies de lĺ─˘article demeureront anonymes. La dłęcision łŢ propos des articles soumis sera rendue dans un dłęlai de trois mois.
Perry Nodelman

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October 24, 2004

Dracula Research Centre

Elizabeth, who is blessed for having the top rank of 1,3 million google pages for the word dracula has launched her Dracula Research Centre; using mediawiki of course.

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October 23, 2004

More annenberg pictures

Me, sitting next to Justin Hall, taking a picture of richard. More madness at Flickr: Photos from richardhod.

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SSAW @ Annenberg

Here are my first set of pictures of the SSAW at Annenberg. Note that the big cute kid is Rochelle's nephew.

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October 22, 2004

always inventive ken

Ottawa Citizen

"Of course, the always inventive Kenneth Emig, with his ability to combine dance and sculpture into memorable kinetic art performances"

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From Diary of an Aspiring Librarian

Rochelle says it all: MOOTalking heads is not enough"

"I'm talking about virtual reference, here. This is generally a project that people say has failed; the numbers don't justify it, people don't use it, people don't like it, so on and so forth. In that terrible article "To chat or not to chat" that I have thoroughly trashed attempted to point out, people don't want to get reference questions answered online. There are some things you don't do online; you don't might chatting to your friends online, you don't mind shopping for frying pans online, but you don't want to ask reference questions online." And a whole lot more.

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Hanging out with Dr Dru...

I had an LA dinner with Dr Dru, founder and chief motivator behind The Harrow, with whom I've worked since 1999. She's the online friend I've had the longest without ever meeting, I think. The first shot is her with her truck, emblazoned with The Harrow logo. The other picture was not that good, so I had to work on it.



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October 20, 2004

Off to LA

Gotta get up a 5am and get to the airport. Going to LA for the weekend, USC Annenberg Center for Communication exactly, to spend the weekend chatting about Blogs and Wikis in acedemia.

Just got a full list of all the folks...


Mimi Ito, danah boyd, Liz Lawley, Todd Richmond

Invited Participants

Słębastien Paquet, Anil Dash, Alex Halavais, Ross Mayfield, Sarah Lohnes, Peter Lyman, Jason Nolan

Graduate RAs

Justin Hall, danah boyd

Graduate Fellows

Richard Hodkinson , Daniel Chamberlain , Aram Sinnreich, Nick Mote

Invited Faculty Participants

Scott Fisher, Lewis Johnson, Franł▀ois Bar, Marita Sturken, Maja Mataric, Joseph Sullivan, Doug Thomas, Tara McPherson

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October 19, 2004

From the McLuhan Vaults

Michael Edmunds sent me this little ditty: The_Ballad_Of_Marshall_McLuhan. Haven't heard it in a while... and thought I'd share.

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EBA at Emig Research...

Ken has set up the Enriched Bread Artists Live Webcam in preparation for the EBA show in Ottawa this Oct 21 and beyond. Now if he'd only start singing.

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October 18, 2004

Never shop at Ikea Online...

IKEA online is evil. I tried to order some new beds, cause of my health problems, and it seemed as if these would help. I went to a store twice, but the products were unavailable, despite the fact that I was told that they were in stock. So I ordered them online, this was last August. I was told that I'd be called by the end of the month when they were avail. I got a bill this month for almost $1000. And no product. I don't even want it any more, but they bill me and don't send it. I call to complain. Thirty minutes on hold.

If it is not in the store, please don't buy it.

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CBC News: 'Simpsons' fans descend on Toronto

TORONTO - Don't be surprised if you hear a lot of people saying "D'oh" and "Eat my shorts" this weekend in Toronto.

Fans of the animated series The Simpsons are expected to descend on the city on Saturday to attend Simpsons Mania, a one-day event designed to celebrate the long-running animated show.

[How come I didn't know!!!!]

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October 16, 2004

Spinger has sprung...

Had a great meeting with folks from Springer... a big german publisher. Lots of other folks there I should mention, but I've not got the list here. It was great and it looks like there are interesting opportunities in the offing. But now, sleep.

And the list (now that I'm home and have slept) is: Roy Pea (Stanford), David Berliner (Arizona State), Heinz Mandl (Munich), Maxine Greene (Columbia), Kattie Embree (Columbia), Erik De Corte (Leuven), Joel Weiss (Toronto), Jason Nolan (Toronto), and Jeremy Hunsinger (Virginia Tech)... plus the folks from Springer...

The meeting went better than expected, and we're negotiating two projects now, not one. And now is the time for a flurry of faxes and emails.

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October 13, 2004

Success with the building hack...

Catspaw post today recounts the success of her major building hacking exploit. If you don't know what she was up to, read this first.

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October 09, 2004

Stanford Law School Alum Allegedly Becomes Prostitute

Got this via Yuka via Chika Watanabe:
Stanford Law School Alum Allegedly Becomes Prostitute The student was one of Chika's neighbours. Chika also studied at Stanford.

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Derrida's Dead...

Just got an IM from Sarah: Philosopher Jacques Derrida Dies at 74.

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October 08, 2004

Scroll down to the Shipping Rules...

eBay item 6712806086 (Ends Oct-08-04 09:51:15 PDT) - 4 Port Firewire PCI Card CHARGE Your IPOD ULEAD V6 F2

Scroll down to the Shipping Rules...

Jeremy IMed this to me. Note, of course, that the US gave an amnesty and therefore does the same thing.

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October 07, 2004

McLuhan Fest

University of Toronto -- News@UofT -- University joins McLuhan celebration (October 07, 2004)

U of T is joining celebrations of one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century in the McLuhan International Festival of the Future, which runs Oct. 9 to 17. The 10-day festival features events, seminars and exhibitions across the GTA dedicated to Marshall McLuhanĺ─˘s interpretations of culture, technology and media.

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I'm not listed at RateMyProfessors.ca - Teacher Reviews and Ratings. Makes me wonder. I think I'm happy.

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October 05, 2004


From: Finallyĺ─Âa Blog at EmigResearch.com

Wired News: Apple's Newton Just Won't Drop

"In January, Jonathan Wise's Handspring Visor organizer died, so he decided to get a different handheld.

After shopping around, he found a machine that did it all: Web, e-mail, calendar and address book, but it could also recognize ordinary, cursive handwriting that wasn't as awkward as graffiti. Wise, a Web developer from Ontario, Canada, was impressed by the handheld's hardware: a big, clear screen; two PC card slots; external memory support; and long battery life.

It can connect to Macs, PCs and Unix machines, as well as all kinds of networks, from wireless Wi-Fi networks to the new, always-on GPRS cell-phone nets. It streams MP3s off the Net and can read headlines aloud that have been automatically fetched from online news sites.

What is this amazing machine? The latest sleek Cliłę from Sony, or a skunkworks Pocket PC yet to hit the market?

No, it's the granddaddy of them all: Apple's Newton, which is still going strong despite being discontinued by Apple in 1998."

Kenny and I still have newtons. I have also 2 emates. We rulz.

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World Teacher's Day...

Education International 5 Oct 2004 :: World Teachers' Day - Journłęe mondiale des

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October 03, 2004

A schizophrenia besets librarians considering sexually explicit works

"Despite the oft-heard accusation that libraries are a hotbed of Internet porn, it seems they're still not the place to go for the hardcover version." Read more at Library Journal - Porn Star(s) in the Library?

Thanks to Rochelle for this one.

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GMAIL giveaway

I have four (4) Gmail accounts to give away if anyone wants one.

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October 02, 2004

bring on the 'za

Rochelle's coming into town today... to bring me her old puter, stay over night and have dinner with Brin! We've never met brin, though we've known him for over 5 years. It's his first visit to Toronto. Tomorrow he's coming over for dinner, along with KAT!, Muddy, SimSim and one of my nieces, Beautiful Painful Noise. Should be great. I've not had a good 'za fest in a while.

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October 01, 2004

The word from on high...

KAT!'s says:

Blogging makes baby jesus cry.
(I want a t-shirt that says that.)

I'm down for one of those.

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What did you do today?

Well... I got up early. Made coffee. Checked email. Freaked out all morning about a fellowship app. Went for lunch with my MA supervisor (from way back when) at Massey College. Massey's the only college on campus where you must check in with the porter. I was late. And I was told by my ex-supervisor that if I did that again, I would not be invited for lunch any more. Had lunch. Discussed the virii on his computer. Told him how to get rid of them but that they couldn't hurt him because he has a mac. Walked home. Freaked about an arts grant app that was due today. Aniko came over to talk about or "project orange" and she told me I was missing one sentence in my arts grant... the first sentence that tells them what I was doing. Then walked over to the post office and sent the packages off. More talk about "project orange". She left for a date. Yuka came home. We had dinner. Took pictures of Cali the cat. And now I'm typing...

And you?

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Megan sent me this URL http://bash.org/GODvsBUSH.gif as proof that God is punishing the republicans.

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