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October 30, 2004

Styles of Address

I was just emailing my old teacher who is now archbishop of the Graceland Independent Anglican Church, when I realized that I didn't know how to address an archbishop Elvisian or otherwise. I blogged about him last winter after seeing him on TV in the guise of Elvis Priestly.

Anyway, to my aid, came the canadian government and their web page: Styles of address, which tells you how to address queens, archbishops, aboriginal band leaders. Very cool, though I notice that it doesn't cover more than the two apparently offical religions in Canada: Anglicanism and Catholicism... what's with that?

For more info on Mr B:

Anglican Journal, February 2003 -- Elvis imitator decides it's now or never

Mr. Baxter said the Elvis shtick, which has taken him around the world for performing and speaking engagements, started in 1996 after his two daughters persuaded him to enter an Elvis contest in Collingwood, Ont. Two years later, his Grade 8 class gave him the moniker Elvis Priestley.

CBC News:First anniversary for 'Elvis Priestly' church

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