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October 01, 2004

What did you do today?

Well... I got up early. Made coffee. Checked email. Freaked out all morning about a fellowship app. Went for lunch with my MA supervisor (from way back when) at Massey College. Massey's the only college on campus where you must check in with the porter. I was late. And I was told by my ex-supervisor that if I did that again, I would not be invited for lunch any more. Had lunch. Discussed the virii on his computer. Told him how to get rid of them but that they couldn't hurt him because he has a mac. Walked home. Freaked about an arts grant app that was due today. Aniko came over to talk about or "project orange" and she told me I was missing one sentence in my arts grant... the first sentence that tells them what I was doing. Then walked over to the post office and sent the packages off. More talk about "project orange". She left for a date. Yuka came home. We had dinner. Took pictures of Cali the cat. And now I'm typing...

And you?

Posted by jason at October 1, 2004 08:36 PM


what was in the coffee? they say milder coffee has more caffiene in it.

i am here with insomnia: writing some poetry. the grant can be nerve racking. Arun emailed me yesterday and he is moving forward.

I was wondering if he should film a flashmob at decon square: the accordian guy seems to know everyone in the greater toronto blog network and is connected to a group of photobloggers. I got an email from Matt O Sullivan who would flash mob.

it seems that the security guard intimidation at that square may be countered by the number of cameras present with pedestrians: passive, cameras flashing.

This could be a anthropologic film for arun, in the style of Zimbardo's experiments: but the flashmob is a spontaneous event, so no IRB!!!

Its art! one flash mobber, then two, three, and then 20, then 30.

It will be hard to organize more than thirty, but distributed through out the square but not too distant from one another, the effect (EFFECT) would be to make it more comfortable for pedestians to naturally just come in and hang out more...

This could be a really nice Arun style film: he likes crowds and people: and its easy, we just have to get him to toronto, and make sure he has enough film. then we have a nice documentary for that scottish presentation...

Posted by: stef at October 1, 2004 11:26 PM

I slept all day. Well, until 2:30pm-ish. Then, I went and picked up my somewhat-better-fitting tuxedo. And then the wedding rehearsal. And then dinner at a restaurant called the Mandarin. Then home.

Posted by: Brin. at October 1, 2004 10:26 PM