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November 13, 2004

The 26th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts

[I'm going. It is a great conference...]


The 26th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts

Blurring the Boundaries: The Trans-Real and Other Movements

Wyndham March 16 - 20, 2005, Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel

Guest of Honor: Rudy Rucker
Guest Scholar: Damien Broderick
Special Guests: John Kessel and Albert Goldbarth
Permanent Special Guest: Brian Aldiss

Autobiography made fantastic. Reality redefined. According to trans-realist Rudy Rucker, it's "writing about immediate reality - or your idiosyncratic perceptions of it - in a fantastic way." At ICFA-26, we look forward to a broad range of discussions examining the trans-real and other movements that blur the boundaries between genres and between worlds, including the New Wave, Cyberpunk, the Interstitial Arts, Slipstream, the New Weird, and more.

And, as always, we also welcome proposals for individual papers and for academic sessions and panels on the work of any of our guests OR ON ANY ASPECT OF THE FANTASTIC IN THE ARTS IN ANY MEDIA. The deadline for submission of individual proposals is 1 December, 2004. Keep checking www.iafa.org for updated information on guests, registration, and submission information.

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