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December 05, 2004

That 'ol time blogging...

Liz Lawley is the first person I know to actually get around to playing with MS-blog:

Many-to-Many: Ballmer Gets Blogging Religion

Microsoftĺ─˘s Steve Ballmer seems to have suddenly become bloggingĺ─˘s biggest cheerleader. Hereĺ─˘s a quote from yesterdayĺ─˘s Detroit Free press:

ĺ─˙Blogging is huge,ĺ─¨ [Ballmer] said. ĺ─˙It brings together the three biggest Internet trends: communicating, sharing and socializing. It started with e-mail and instant messaging and music sharing, and itĺ─˘s getting bigger each day.ĺ─¨

Posted by jason at December 5, 2004 09:19 AM