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March 23, 2005

James and the Grail

HistoryTelevision.ca :: The Real Di Vinci Codewas on tonight, and at the beginning they talk about all the books on the Grail and of the pile, the only one they focus on is my old MA supervisor James' book Glastonbury Abbey. We'd spent part of the afternoon on the phone trying to solve the mystery of the disappearing Word document on his computer. Strangeness.

Posted by jason at March 23, 2005 09:12 PM


"Hi... skipped in via Stefanos.

Unfortunately, to me this seems as another ego scam from the mind-set that says there are no blog a-listers and that blogs are more than just teen girls talking about their problems. i.e. another hegemonization attempt by a proto-power elite. Just a pre-coffee rant :)"

....hey jason....could you say that in better english cuz what it sounds like you are saying to me is that i am full of ego? and that i am pronto-power elite? something like that? maybe you are saying i am too much a teen girl talking about my problems? and so you have to use very complicated snazzy words to communicate...what is hegemonization? i am so happy to have a conversation with you...but not when i cannot understand clearly what you are saying.

why not just say it very simply...why use all those catchy phrases? speak simple english. thanks. oh and you didnt leave your email address, so i could only post this on your blog....sorry about that...got email?

best wishes

Posted by: anina.net at March 24, 2005 04:16 AM