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April 03, 2005

A-listers et al

In an interesting bit of email getting passed round via barry's students, Netwoman sent along this article from Salon. How to Save the World

"A brand new Pew survey of Internet users lets bloggers track the growing audience for their writing. The survey suggests that the total online potential audience (regular Internet users) has reached 40% of the US population, and that 7% of them (8 million) have created a weblog at some time and 27% (32 million Americans) claim to read weblogs. Other research indicates that, excluding the exploding Chinese market, US blog readership is about 40% of global blog readership, which means that the blog writer now has a target audience of 80 million readers worldwide. Of that number, 6 million Americans (and perhaps 15 million worldwide) subscribe to one or more blogs through RSS feeds. About 40% of blog readers have posted comments on blogs. "

I got the following from Rebecca Blood:

Bloggers from the A-List to the Z-List | Civilities:

"There's been a lot of talk about the "A-List" in the blogosphere-- the top bloggers who get all the attention-- and this often inspires speculation about parallel B-lists and C-lists. What many people don't know is that the designations go all the way to Z. Here is the full list"

I've always thought that the a-list and the blogger/journalism debates were about as useful as the 'truth' and 'accuracy' debates for online information. If you have to trust the truth of information based on its location, you're screwed ex officio. It's all twisty inside... and better viewed from far away.

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