May 03, 2005

Pirate Publishing

Stuffola: Happy Birthday Pirate Publishing:

Pirate was founded when Sigge Sigfridsson, Liza Marklund and Jan Guillou--three best-selling genre novelists--abandoned their publishers to start their own publishing house with the help of Guillou's wife, Ann-Marie Skarp, who became head of the company.

The publisher Guillou left was spitting mad and called the action a declaration of war. He also said, according to DN, that the Swedish book industry was facing something entirely new: a pirate publisher.

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May 02, 2005

30% off Internet Based Workplace Communications

Since you are all my friends and colleagues, here's a form for a discount on Internet-Based Workplace Communications: Industry and Academic Applications, which includes Rhonna and my chapter on MOOs(pdf)... along with other stuff.

Internet-Based Workplace Communications: Industry and Academic Applications examines the different ways in which online media are becoming a part of and affecting educational and professional writing practices. By overvieiwng how Internet-based technologies affect the communication process, this timely book provides educators with a synopsis of the tools and techniques that could be applied to a variety of educational and professional activities. Similarly, by covering the uses of online media in communication education, this book provides employers with insights related to the Internet-related discourse skills of prospective employees. This book serves as a bridge between educational developments and industry practices, and readers from a broad range of backgrounds learn of different concepts, technologies, and techniques that can affect the online communication process.

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April 26, 2005


Every 5 years or so leases are due on queen street, and everyone moves farther west. I've been living around queen since 1980, and it just keeps happening. The problem is that bookstores and cool old places move, and are replaced by GAP and chain stores. A favourite bookstore is closing (or perhaps moving, they hint) and have been having a 50% off sale for 2 months. I missed getting one book I wanted, but I got some fun stuff:
Tales of the Alhambra - washington irving (great illustrations)
Frogs in a well: indian women in purdah (thinking of juliaD)
Dracula: Everything you always wanted... blaa blaa (nice pictures)
Cities of the Red Night - W. S. Burroughs (first edition)
Running Wild - J.G. Ballard (First)
Queen of the Damned - Rice (First)
Merrick - Rice (First, and one of her few really readable books)
Anne Rice biography - Katherine Ramsland
Understanding Arabs: A Guide for Westerners (interesting, and pre-9/11)

My dracula, ballard and Burroughs collections are coming along nicely.

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