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March 02, 2002

Fuzzy Blogic :: The Journal

Fuzzy Blogic :: The Journal of Jacob Shwirtz:# 25 on Daypop. Jeez. Never thought that would happen. Always been more of a Blogdex man myself. Pretty ironic that the specific blog where I blog about bloggers blogging about blogging gets blogged by bloggers blogging about blogging and is what gets me into blogdex and daypop.

To which I say... It should scare you? What scares me is that the first thing everyone does to a fairly non-hierarchical publishing environment (blogs) is to start generating hierarchies. With media profile folks in the centre. Then they run the agenda on the meta-topics of ego-inflating intertextuality and whatever else meets the cool quotent. What am I saying? This happens with any media. In fact, I that's probably the purpose of new media... to let a new group float to the top... oh, never mind. Nice colours on your blog."

Posted by jason at March 2, 2002 08:39 AM