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April 05, 2003

Arun and the market

Arun Blake, my buddy from Undergrad residence days (1982-1984) came to town today for a short visit. He was in India for the month that I was in Japan, and is heading back to Montreal soon. He's a photographer with an upcoming show in Montreal next month, and a show in Bombay this november. And he wants me to come and help. So, the deal is to start looking for funding. Something I'm good at. The show is including pictures that were taken when Arun and I went to Jamacia back in '84 or 5. I went down with his family, and stayed with his grandmother. She was, at the time, the oldest woman in the villiage, and it was great to sort of have that umbrella of staying with them. I rented a motorbike one day, and drove arun and I around half the country, up into the mountains and through the hills. I got some amazing photos then, but nothing that I've ever used. I'm looking forward to seeing arun's. With Yuka, we went down to St Lawrence Market this morning to stock up on sausages and salmon and 7 grain breads and all that. Which is what I'm turning my attention to now, after having had a joyful afternoon fighting with the tax gods. I seem to be praying to the wrong one."

Posted by jason at April 5, 2003 06:22 PM