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August 15, 2003

No power? No worries... or few

Yes, I lost power, along with the rest of you, but it was an interesting evening, worth sharing. Servers... http://projectachieve.net is on a nice smart server; an old linux dell. Though I didn't have it set up to restart the three moos (Achieve, eden(telnet), MOOkti). So I had to come in and turn them back on manually. Nothing lost though. The server did restart itself, AND still backed up the server at its appointed time (around 4am) successfully. http://edublog.com didn't fare quite as well... it hosts this blog, Yukazine.com, http://roomofbensown.net, http://lmmontgomery.net, and probably something else. I had to come in and manually restart it. As for the rest of the night... everything you heard about ""Toronto the Polite"" was true. We didn't have any impromtu traffic wardens at Dundas and McCaul (Where the Art Gallery of Ontario is located.) but we didn't need them. Everyone just moved through the intersection a few cars at a time, giving space to the other cars and pedestrians. The only place that was lit up was Steve Mann's Deconism gallery. He was open for the event I blogged about earlier this week. He had his own power, and had put a neon ""OPEN"" sign on the street, and a 12"" TV showing the news. But I'll blog on that event as soon as I get a chance to arrange my notes from last night. Yuka and I immediately filled up all my wine making containers with about 100 liters of drinking water, enough to share with neighbours, in case the water dried up. Yuka had heard on the radio that many condos lost their water power immediately. And I was worried that many of the old folks in our building, most who don't speak English, might have not thought to store water. Then we both had a wonderful BBQ on the balcony, and quaffed the slowly warming Guinness in the fridge by candle light. I'd been putting off buying one of those hand crank radios (Freeplay S360), and now I wish I had one. And no doubt they'll be sold out for a while. And then I was off to Steve's to watch Three Men in a Tub."

Posted by jason at August 15, 2003 12:37 PM