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August 03, 2003

Saturday Summer Feast.

Jack, Julia and Gary joined Yuka and I for dinner last night. We toasted to Rochelle's birthday in our hearts. Jack, Julia and Gary are all OISEites, but I got to know them at different times. Jack Brown and I went to teacher's college together 1990-1991, and he's just finishing up his PhD studying why educators leave the teaching profession. Gary and I started at OISE together as students in 1994, and after graduating in 2000, he's been teaching at a variety of universities in the cold parts of the US. Now he's off to Duluth, Minnesota to teach at UDM. Julia is someone you all know... and is in the midst of her PhD at OISE. Three generations of OISEites, all bitching about the place... it was a site to see. And they're all involved in blogging, against their better judgements, under my hegemonic influence. Gary, Yuka did most of the cooking. Gary and I did the shopping. I did the cleaning. Yuka's amazing ribs and saussages from the market. BBQ asparagus, shitake mushrooms and peppers. Julia's amazing white wine (I usually hate white wine), beers and ros, AND what Gary liked, my invention of a raspberry gin and tonic. I love pizza nights, but with all the food flying, I love BBQ season too."

Posted by jason at August 3, 2003 10:05 AM