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December 04, 2004

iTunes cheapest in canada

Canada now has iTunes selling digital music... for $0.99 CDN. Some interesting facts from MacInTouch:

The anonymous reader's comments regarding which songs are available at the various international iTunes stores got me thinking. With four currencies now accepted at the iTunes stores (Pounds Sterling - , US$, Can$, and Euro - Ǩ), iTunes customers need to be currency traders. If I the same song I want to buy is at more than one iTunes store, do I have to buy from a higher priced store? A little checking using xe.com for currency rates shows that the new Canadian store is the least expensive. Here's the pricing data for a single song using each currency:

Can 99 = US $ .831145

US 99 = US $ .99

Ǩ .99 = US $ 1.31506

.79 = US $ 1.51881

Now, I went to look to see if they had any music that I would want to buy. The results are mixed. Here is a list of 30 odd bands and artists that I like. Many you don't know. Many are very famous and influential regardless of your musical ignorance. None of them have their full discography online, and most have just a passing nod. I feel that online music is a dangerous thing if it futher restricts choice and opportunity, for the sake of convenience. I'm not sure if I'd buy any music online like this...

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Posted by jason at December 4, 2004 07:49 AM